Shout Out! makes interactive clothing that promotes creativity, literacy, and imagination. Our stylish, premium apparel lets you have fun with fashion and make a true style statement.


Shout Out! is perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics, trade shows, conferences (wear a shirt rather than hold a sign), school events, fundraisers, and nights on the town.


Grab a shirt and start expressing yourself!



Colin Egglesfield is the owner and founder of Shout Out Swag.


A successful actor, author, and entrepreneur, Colin started Shout Out to help kids and families have fun with reading, writing, and expression.


When he's not appearing on-screen, you can usually find Colin speaking at leadership conferences, or volunteering with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


He also spends a lot of time velcroing letters on his Shout Out Swag. Just to stay in practive.