Frequently asked questions

What is Shout Out?

Only the coolest clothing company that makes apparel with Velcro® letters, numbers, and symbols so you can create your own wearable messages on the front and back of a t-shirt.

Who can wear 'em?

Shout Out! shirts are for dudes, ladies, and youngin's over the age of 4. Because Shout Out!® shirts have small pieces, please keep out of the reach of kiddies under the age 4.

How many sets of letters, numbers, and symbols come with each shirt?

Every shirt comes with three copies of most letters and numbers and one copy of each symbol.

Will I cry if I lose a letter, number or symbol?

Yes because currently you can not order new letters, numbers or symbols.

Will Shout Out! shirts get me into trouble?

Only if your grandma doesn’t like what you put on your shirt.

What colors do the letters, numbers, and symbols come in?

Currently, only white.

Can I wash the shirt with the letters, numbers, and symbols attached?

It’s not recommended.

Will Shout Out! shirts shrink when washed?

Your Shout Out!® shirt is made of 100% cotton and WILL SHRINK a bit if dried in a dryer so it is not recommended to do so.

How quickly will my order be processed?

All domestic orders received prior to 10am Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday, are processed within 24 hours. Standard delivery takes up to 5 business days after order processing. Express deliveries are available for additional charges.
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Will I become smarter by wearing Shout Out!® shirts?

Yes, because you have to use your noggin’ to spell out your own message.

Do I need to know how to spell to write my own message?

Yes, so stay in school. Or bring a dictionary wherever you go.

Do I need to speak English to own a shirt?

No. You can write a message in your own language. Or hey, a made up language. (We don't judge).

Is Spike single?

Depends. Who's asking?